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Focusing on the Details

With all the activity in the housing market right now, many of us pay too much attention to the news and the statistics, (this is not a bad thing to do) but forget to take a look at our own situations when it comes to real estate.

The market is getting a new influx of inventory and the mortgage rates are going down again.

As a potential buyer or investor this is so exciting for you, however, how much time have you spent taking an in-depth look at your situation related to the real estate market.

What is your current debt-to-income ratio, what price ranges fall under low, suitable, high, and impossible within your budget and your plans?

What is more important to you? Price, location, size, future value, year it was built or something else?

When many people think about buying a house or investing in real estate, we spend so much time doing research and learning about the market and what is out there, and we focus on what the bank is willing to loan us. However, we don’t look at our personal capacity, wants and needs.

Should you buy a smaller house close to work or something bigger farther away with hopes of changing your job? A basic question like that can completely change every step you take during the process.

There are so many more subjects and questions that need to be addressed and most people you talk to may not even think about bringing them up, including yourself.

Amin Vali Real Estate Investment can be the sounding board you need to figure out every single micro detail before you make a big financial decision. We are not just looking to help you buy or sell, we want to make sure you are happy with every single decision you make when it comes to your home or your investment.

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